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  1. Whittaker was accused of orchestrating my fall … someone that I never met but had a deep hatred for me and one must wonder why. It was explained to me in such a way that it was safer not to know. So many lies but, perhaps, some truth.

  2. kungfu88 –  You're correct.  The Bond films also have yet to show D.C.'s legs.  My impression is that D.C. gets "pumped up" for each Bond film, but doesn't do any serious weight training otherwise. 

    A comment I read in one of the fitness magazines pointed out that D.C.'s Bond physique is actually not a complete body builder-type build.  He has a lot of "weak points," which is to say some areas of his body are more developed than others.   Just as you commented.

  3. have you ever noticed that after casino royale, whenever bond gets a shirtless scene they tend to focus on his chest, upper abs and back rather than a full upper and lower abdominal shot. just a thought

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