Sony Xperia XZ3 hands-on

Sony is finally bringing its Bravia OLED screen technology to its smartphone lineup in the Sony Xperia XZ3. With a 6-inch QHD panel, Samsung Galaxy S9 …


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  1. Cool phone. Much better than xz2. But peoples just bought xz2! What Sony trying to do?!!! If you going to release this phone why you made that crappy design xz2?? What a shame…

  2. What a huge disappointment! After all the rumors swirling before announcement of Sony's new Quad Bayer camera sensor, the fact that Sony went with the same camera as the XZ2 is not a good look. We all know this camera struggles in low light performance and digital zoom. Why not just use the same dual camera system from the XZ2 Premium if the new camera wasn't ready yet? Guess I'll skip this round and see what the Pixel 3 announcement offers for their camera.

  3. I love sony, they always have something special and loved seeing their design language evolve over time without massively copying the design of other smartphones (let's say a notch or iphone 7 camera design?). This phone is gorgeous and specs are stunning, this is definitely one of the best looking and best spec-ed smartphones in the market, well done!

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