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  1. There's nothing wrong with this at all.

    Both games are just simply not ready to be showcased yet. Hell ES6 in particular was JUST announced last year(and is probably just starting pre-production rn)and will likely not see a release until the second or third year into the next generation of consoles' life cycle.

  2. Both are next generation titles were you really expecting an update for game's we won't see until 2020/2021? I'm just thankful Bethesda aren't wasting their best quality on a generation that's practically done.

  3. This is what i hate about game companies now. Why tease something that is years away? You create unnecessary hype for something that is just a trailer or a title. It's dumb. Yes, we absolutley adore Elder Scrolls. But stop it with the teasing. Showing us trailers just to pull the rug from under us (Fallout '76). Btw, i didn't buy it because studios are not doing great with new IPs (Anthem)

  4. Another example of a company announcing games way too early. We'll probably get a release date for the finsl fantasy 7 remake before the first trailer for starfield is even shown.

  5. If the game isn't near completion, why did they bother revealing it? It isn't like people were like "Darn, I am scared that EE 6 isn't going to happen." Elder Scrolls sells very well. Have the game almost ready, THEN reveal it.

  6. good don't make mistakes like 76 keep your head low work long and hard on the games and talk about it when they are ready see you in 2020

  7. That’s fine as long as they take the time needed to make the best out of their single player experiences. After the debacle that was Fallout 76, they need to return back to their roots as one of the best RPG developers. We have Cyberpunk 2077 that will keep us occupied until then.

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