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  1. I don't see how this Striker 2 helmet is so revolutionary since Eurofighter Typhoon doesn't have the DAS system to use all the advantages the helmet gives to the F-35 pilot for example. Helmet without sofisticated sensors is useless. I didn't hear anything about new kits being installed to the EF.

  2. I like that virtual medic training technology. Once the medic has finished treating the (real) wounded soldier, he can quickly switch to a co-op game of GTA 8, with the Chinook's pilot, and stream the gameplay live to the awaiting medical staff on the ground without even having to remove his headset. Very neat.

  3. What happens to the helmet when the pilot has to eject and gets into an E&E situation? Is he supposed to just leave this sophisticated, expensive brain bucket on the ground or is he to try to keep it with him at all costs? Without power it's useless so that's just extra weight to carry around. If you just leave it, then that's potentially classified tech that can fall into enemy hands.

    The F-35 helmet is another one that I wonder about. It has been said to cost $400K and have all kinds of secret ninja wizard tech in it. Seems like an awful waste to just leave it on the ground.

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