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  1. I still have a 6. The 7, 8, and 10 didn't have enough differences to make me upgrade. The 11 will, I'm going to buy it. I think that's why the smart phone market went flat until now. The changes were only minor when it came to the camera and features. I don't care if it's made of glass, or can go underwater. I have to put a case on it no matter what. They can make the phone thicker and put in a larger battery.

  2. I always loved the apple product and they are always been perfect made by apple
    Whatever they make but its been always badass and i love ❤️ apple thaats all

  3. The perfect example of changing something for the sake of not looking like a copy cat. With this design they'll probably claim that this is some sort of innovation. That looks bad!

  4. People aren't switching out there phones for new ones because the build quality in the past couple years have been far superior to any other devices previously. Its that simple. I know that im going to continue to get the new iPhone every year but there is not going to be hundreds of millions doing it every year. Smartphone companies have given consumers a product that wont need to be replaced for years to come. Samsung devices need to be changed out every 2 years in order to continue to get the latest software and iphones are good for 5+ years of the newest software and the newer iphones are equipped to handle at least 10 years of software updates due to the very powerful chipsets inside the devices.

  5. I have switched from the iPhone X to Samsung Galaxy S10+ because of the bigger Display, the Hole Punch Notch, the new One UI (I hated Touchwiz) and the Package for the Price

  6. Maybe the design is outdated, maybe apple is too expensive, maybe greed killed the creativity, and yes maybe Samsung, Huawai and others do the better phone, at the end of the day it’s all about the apps, and by design most android apps are on a much lower level then the iOS version.

  7. This is all a test guys, all companies release a design to test peoples reavtions and they change it again, so its definitely gonna be different during the release. THIS IS ALL A TEST…!!!

  8. Good design is dead at Apple. They launched a new version of the ipad mini after 4 years and the design is an exact replica of the previous version. The least they could do is shrink the bezels.

  9. If it’s one thing Apple has always done right, it’s design. This looks like an elephant’s asshole. Whoever came up with this along with whoever gave this the go ahead needs to be fired. I’ll stick with the XS Max. Why couldn’t they just take the S10 design with the clean bar across the top? Mark my words. This will be the lowest selling iPhone in history. Worse than the 5C. Step it TF up, Apple! Rolling down a slippery slope.

  10. If the rear cameras layout is in that format because of a new functionality or innovation then I don't really care.
    Maybe the cameras are in the position cuz it needs space or something.

    But if you're one of those who cares more for the design instead of funcionality, then remove the Face ID and put the cameras back to vertical, cuz vertical cameras and face ID won't fit in the iPhone X housing

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