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  1. If you've played the first. You really don't need to play it. Should you play it out of it being fun? Yeah if you enjoy looter shooters. Glitches are still there, the whole best guns are still the best guns and its just the same game from 2009 but easier with gold keys and the new legendaries as well. I'd give it a 70 tbh, nothing amazing even as a fan of the series. Visually there's nothing but brown but it fits.

    Get it if it's on sale or you've got cash to burn. Bout it

  2. Man i literally reverted 10 years in age for game, looking up all the shit, farming and farming and more farming, glitched into knoxx. Waited till the end of playthrough 2 so everything will scale. Its crazy.

  3. Borderlands 1 is my favorite game of all time, this remaster fixes the problems I had with the game, making it an even better version of my favorite game of all time

  4. I started with 2 and the Pre-Sequel, and while I'm definitely enjoying it so far, I can tell that it was definitely a first attempt for Gearbox. The environments don't do much to stand out and it doesn't quite feel as good to shoot as it does in 2. Plus the lack of voice acting diminishes the writing that is there, which is fairly solid. I just wish it got more of a spotlight.

    However, I do really like the idea of certain characters being more or less proficient with certain types of weapons and the concept of weapon proficiency in general. I don't really play co-op so I can't comment on the multiplayer issues, but I have noticed quite a bit of screen-tearing, at least on PS4. Hopefully those issues can get ironed out.

  5. Hell YES worth it, enjoyed the game 10 years ago and loving this trip down memory lane with the quality of life improvements. Found a fix to play with friends on PS4 and have not had issues since then.

  6. Yes, this game is worth buying. Is it a prefect remaster? Heck no, it has many small issues such as screen tearing, input lag, minimap rotation lag, inadequate objective displays for off host players, locked items in inventory will randomly unlock, and trophies were broken on launch day. I'm just really really waiting for when a huge patch gets rolled out and all these issues are fixed. Borderlands is great and this remaster has the potential to do it justice, but it hasn't reached that full potential yet.

  7. I got it free on PC, since I had bought the GotY version previously, and I love it! Though, there are a few issues that I look forward to seeing disappear. Quality of life features definitely make it fun again.

  8. Don’t watch video no need, didnt even watch. Yes it’s worth buying, especially if some idiot says you don’t need to play it to understand everything in bl2. Play this game you idiots. It’s amazing

  9. Meh. After BL2 and BLPS, the game feels kinda lifeless. A massive lack of voice work and almost no variety in environments meant that I burned out really fast. Still holds up from the gameplay perspective, the it all feels very samey.

  10. I‘m at level 28 and playing with a friend. It‘s kinda boring tbh, biggest fan of bl2 tho. Payed through it with every single character + dlc over the years, but bl1 is actually kinda meh

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