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  1. This was pretty much what I was feeling when I saw the trailers. It's tight they made the games more widely available but I have zero incentive to replay them when I already have the DS versions.

  2. Is the fifth Nintendo DS case in the first Ace Attorney game included? The one that incorporated the touch screen and blowing fingerprint dust through the microphone?

    How do you claim to give Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy a 7.5 from 10?
    The game has been a jewel itself for it's mechanic gameplay and story, moreover that the graphics and content.
    Also, comparing it to another remakes and remasters such as Resident Evil 2 or Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Ace Attorney Trilogy maintain faithful like them.
    What can you say about that, IGN?!

  4. I've never played a Phoenix: Ace Attorney game at all so what out of /10 should I see it as? I'm guessing somewhere within half a point of 9/10. (8.5-9.5) I like puzzles and mysteries but I'm not crazy about weird anime character over-eccentricities so I guess I'll put it on the lower end of that margin.

  5. IGN literally marks down the game for not having new content.

    Even though the point is to re-release the games on more platforms with more high-quality sprites/environments

  6. Game reviewers need to just put the individual score in for each game when it’s a compilation, then give a separate section (not necessarily a score) of what the compilation adds to the experience.

  7. Hold it! Why only a 7.5, IGN? Oh I know. Objection Because you can't rate a game fairly because you just want the money!

  8. Capcom messed up the regional pricing on Steam BIG TIME
    For $34.99 in India
    * Steam's standard regional pricing = Rs. 759
    * Direct conversion of $34.99 = Rs. 2426
    * Ace Attorney Collection = Rs. 2499

    There have been bad regional pricing on Indian Steam, but NO ONE PRICES GAME MORE THAN THE USD PRICE TAG!!!

    And our currency (Indian Rupee) is 3rd lowest among all currencies supported by Steam. This price is not just unfair, it's IMPRACTICAL!

  9. Why does the fact that people already played this game affect the score?! I think that if you give a 7.5 just because people already played it, you are not really reviewing the game. You are scoring the game as if we should buy it or not… Give a propper review score please.

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