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  1. Even though every publisher has their issues, Ubisoft is the lesser evils of the big 3. Ubisoft is far above EA & Activision, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong however, Ubisoft still has a LOT to improve on.

  2. Completely retcon Oddyssey. That game spits in the face of fans and completely disregards the lore. They just ignored Bayek and he was the best protagonist since Edward.

  3. even though its a love hate relationship with ubisoft at times, they made some of the most enjoyable games. far cry, AC, prince of persia, rayman, splinter cell etc.
    hopefully splinter cell, rayman, POP will see a return.

  4. I used to love UBISOFT but nowadays their games are full of downgrades and unfinished products leading to variety of bugs. Thats the reason I hate them till date… And Sadly this is the truth

  5. Guy seems great but ubisoft is so shitty nowadays that after having pre-orderd many many (yes really that many) ubisoft games and being dissipointed i have sworn that i will never ever buy a ubisoft game again.
    Far cry 3 was great though (but yeah i was still a young child back then i now have them of my own.

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