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  1. It would be nice to see kinda of open world. Where you can explore. I have been waiting for a star wars single player game. Imagine skyrim but star wars

  2. so now EA is gonan make a single player star wars game? they couldnt let that uncharted game dev make the one she was already making?

  3. I'd almost bet anything that ship is how he survived order 66 maybe he was on the ship and the clones started to try and kill him so he crashed it and is stuck there for a couple years and the empire sends ties to fly by and scan the planet for lifeforms and they find him and land and that's how he gets off the planet

  4. If all this is true then this game better be and hopefully a create your own character rpg. Just because I like and we deserve a star wars single player like that to emerse ourselves in a game some what like Skyrim or fallout new Vegas

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