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  1. Let's leave it at this, Ned and a bunch of other students must have also been dusted. Therefore the students who were snapped were able to go back to school as the same age they were 5 years ago.

  2. Nothing about the present day can change. When you make changes…they create new timelines…they dont affect the current timeline . This answers many questions

  3. when that bald woman was saying that if there was an infinity stone gone then the darkness will overtake the world, what happens when they have no infinity stones in their world, would it even out or would they be overtaken by the darkness?

  4. They explained it in the movie.
    They are jumping between different time lines.
    Changing the past doesnt change the future because it is a different time line.
    They are not going back to the past of their own time line, they are just jumping to a specific time of a different time line.

  5. "As the bearer of the Soul Gem, Warlock can sense the souls of other beings, absorb them, and place them within Soulworld—a pocket dimension contained inside the gem, where the absorbed souls have a shared subjective experience of a peaceful, pastoral valley. Adam can also temporarily restore a soul to its body to communicate with it, devolve organisms into primitive states, and translate alien speech. The Soul Gem’s own vampiric consciousness sometimes exerts influence over Warlock, and when he uses the gem to absorb souls, its influence increases."

    Taken from , Let that sink in for the potential GOTG3 with Gamora. =)

  6. I think Time is irrelevant to the Soul stone, for instance, once someone is sacrificed for the stone it's like they become a constant and they are always there/it becomes their destiny e.g. 2014 Gamora is destined for the Stone even if it is attempted to be reversed… Idk it's a very shaky theory.

  7. is 2014 Nebula died? If yes, should current Nebula should die also. If not, is 2014 Nebula is with 2014 Gamora because current Nebula is with the rest of GOTG. Then there is 2 Nebula?

  8. Stop talking about “time travel” there are now alternative realities/ timelines in the MCU now with introduction of the quantum stuff.

  9. The timeline with Gamora falling in love with Quill doesn't exist because they prevented her from being sacrificed to the soul stone. Natalia is used as a sacrifice years before Gamora. This is why Quill is chasing Gamora at the end. Since Gamora was lost before the snap, Quill remembers Gamora but she doesn't remember him. Call me crazy.

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