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  1. Bro don't yu think this is the flagship killer ..I mean I know they hay bumped up their price alot but still considering the High priced phones like I phone nd others(Samsung nd that Huawei P30)..I think with this specs they are the killer's ๐Ÿ˜‰ atleast for another 3months or so๐Ÿ˜
    Always a big fanโค๏ธ

  2. Things I really wish this phone had:

    3.5mm extra port
    A better battery

    However I understand with a display this size and quality, battery life is obviously going to suffer a bit.

    Don't care too much for the pop up camera but I said the same about the hole punch design on my S10 Plus and I never notice it anymore.

    Not sure if this phone is available on Verizon but if it is, I have major buyers guilt and wish I hadn't pulled the trigger on the S10 so quick.

  3. the oneplus 7t might be my next phone to upgrade from my iphone xs max if apple don't remove the notch. If i didn't have the xs max now i would be getting this

  4. Great vid! The warning on the pop up camera says VOLUMES about the feature. It's saying clearly that this is not the best option for notchless smartphones. Samsung's tech to place the camera behind the screen will win out. ALERT: All competitors will have a 90Hz OLED display in their next flagships thanks to Marques… so pricetags will go up a bit next gen. But a smart OEM will push that price down tho. I will go check out a 7 Pro next week. TBH the camera will decide if I buy it or not.

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