Bitcoin Breaking Out! Where does it stop?

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  1. “BitCoin” , aka Fear/Greed masquerading as Greed/Fear will NEVER, EVER, stop because Fear-Greed [and vice-versa], once “Divided”, are NEVER meant to be “Balanced”/Integrated Again for the simple reason that ALL such “Divisions”/”Divisibilities”/”Divisiveness” are not meant to end other than to promote Selfishness/The Contrasting/Potential of-Divisibilities.

    OTOH, Fear, being The “Past”/Source of Greed [with Greed being The “Future”/Responsible-Gsmble of Fear], will be The-Rationale for The-Ending-of “Cryptocurrencies”. Namely, when “Selfishness is Running-Amok”, said MisBehaviour will be The Rationale/UnAcceptability on which The Vast Majority will rebel-against "CryptoCurrency", much like The Housing “Bubble” and other “Bubbles” causing UnMitigated-Destruction on Human Societies. Witness [which promotes “Thoughtlessness”/PreMeditation] and learn instead of merely Acting-ReActing [which promotes Arrogance/”Nazism”/”Thought-Processing”/Mindless-Destruction].

    Like it or not, Wisdom, Embodied as Innocence/Children/”Kids” is Inherent/”Infinite” Within and is NOT some “Mentallly-Derived” Frivolity-Nonsense. Wisdom will regain The “High”/Moral Ground when, for example, “Pronography” is going to be rejected enmasse when said “Pron” was proven to be Addictively-Destructive, much like [Tobacco] "Smoking"/Ingestion was, inspite of The-Backing-of some Mental-Presentations from “Scientists”, much like The Current Idiocy-Lunacy about “Global-Warming/Carbon-Emissions”. But not when The-Sun is approximately one million-times larger than Mother-Earth.

  2. You know it’s totally fake that way it just sliced through that absolutely huge huge resistance around $6k. The charts kind of look like a joke right now. Very whacky. Prudent investors my well be scared away! This could be a massive bull trap

  3. 3 MORE DAYS.😰 C'mon people RESIST. 3 more days till my rig is done! Please……RESIST……For the luv of Pete😫 (I don't know who Pete is but he needs you to RESIST).

    🎵It's the eye of Satoshi!😲
    It's the Cryptonic fight!
    Rising up the the challenge of our Alt' Coins!🎶
       😩And the last lone survivor will have Bitcoin to fight!🎵
       But the one who will stay till the end..😫….
    Is the miner!

  4. Where's the best broker to trade with for US residents if you want to trade with leverage? What brokers or exchanges do you recommend? Love the channel!

  5. Like the reminder where we are at in the marathon of cryptos and once we’re into the S curve or at the top after price stabilization into the 6 figure prices ( I think seven myself) it’s going to be mind boggling the wealth many smart accumulators will have amassed. Looking forward to meeting you in the trade room someday, that day is getting closer once profit taking justified the annual purchase option. Thanks Phil.

  6. Great video Phil , thanks for sharing your expertise and insight, I love learning from you and Bob , great stuff , thanks

  7. Didn’t expect to break 6800. I traded all my BTC at 7350. Expecting pull back. We’ll see! What about LTC are you expecting a massive pump soon?

  8. I notice all of the Central Banks around the World are buying loads of Crypto at these knock down prices whilst the foolish public are rushing into the vastly over priced and utterly worthless precious metals.

  9. Your money maker sells in a Bull Bitcoin were horrible. You need to revise your algos to put in "money maker buys" on every good size dip now.

  10. Love it! Days like this is why I kept buying btc all the way from 18k to 3.1k.
    I may have cancer but I have a fk ton of btc in my safe deposit box.

  11. Any chance that we can see Bitcoin as a safe haven like Gold because of the recent markets (DJI, SPX, NDX & RUT) sell off? 🤔

  12. Love that you are right there to offer insight as it happens. These moment are important to stay rational. Fear/Greed index mega high greed atm. Thanks as always for the video. Best TA channel on YT.

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