Fighting the ENDER DRAGON in VIRTUAL REALITY is INTENSE! (Minecraft VR Funny Moments)

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Visiting the end in VR is not an easy task… ✦Merch!- ➤Playing with: Ckay: D4: …


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  1. Nylex it’s great that you went to Minecraft but here is some advice for further adventures to the end. When the end we dragon is hovering over the exit portal, arrows don’t effect it. You can only swing you sword at it. Great video tho!!

  2. Duuuuuuuude where have you been ? I missed your videos so much, are you actually back or is this just some random upload followed by darkness.

  3. 1st nylex I love ur vids and I was in a unturned one but I don’t think you uploaded it, it was were their was a plane and we were putting the money from the truck to the plane. Love ur vids keep em up pls

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