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  1. I backed this when I first saw it. It's shaped up VERY nicely and I'm glad it's getting more exposure. The baby boss ripping the protagonist on half instantly sold me on the game.

  2. Beautiful, animations look fantastic not to mention the character/level design, talk about attention to detail!. Can’t wait to see more of this souls like / Dante’s inferno side scroller awesome stuff.

  3. The art style and animation are top notch here, and it really helps you get into the setting. The writing feels okay, but at times seems too exposition heavy. Level design too looks fine. The enemies feel like they are just placed there and don't feel as much of a part of the world. Like they have nothing better to be doing with their time than just waiting for the player to hop on screen and fight. Like they look cool, but if guys are lobbing wheels or statues at me I better see some broken statues or carts in the background so I know where those came from.

  4. I hate that helmet (head?) so much, but the rest of the game looks absolutely amazing! I'm so torn 🙁

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