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  1. My friend ask my teacher if she like BBC she said yes because she thinks it something else. everyone was laughing. I guess she like big black co(k

  2. It shouldn’t matter whether keynote speakers are male or female, to make the distinction is in itself sexist. The best person should give the speech irrelevant of their sex. Byton, BMW designers behind it, bet the indicators still won’t work.

  3. If you respect VR community the. Respect their emotions as well.breaking systems 0.40 gave me heart attack . App developers need these systems badly

  4. what is wroung with the guys that designed the byton they want to prioritise interaction in a car ,what happened to safety first you are driving a vehical that can kill you, your loved ones and people minding there own buisness. safety has to come first if this ever gets to be on the road i will lose faith in the road safety standards compleatly if they took away the redicoulsly distracting screens it would at least be road worthy.
    as it is its an accidant just waiting to happen.

  5. "VR is too difficult to setup" – le me, just got his Oculus touch bundle, plugged it in and downloaded Oculus home, got in game straight away, ok BBC

  6. So how bad is it for you and your loved ones to have all of these new air born electronic fields just floating around one is not good imm sure so I'm sure more is worse , I use to build and maintain cellphone towers and some of the older microwave towers caused some ppl to lose there lives, so what's the real safety issues with these, well ur body produces its own electrical syste!m and torus so anything else has to have some side effects why don't we hear about them, oh because it would hurt sales, so your life is worth less than there profit

  7. Electric driverless Smartcars will be the next big thing, as much if not more than smartphones. Looking forward to them, hopefully within the next 2 decades we'll have mass produced versions

  8. who gives a fuck about female speakers or male, i just want to know what new products i can buy you BBC (British Born christian)

  9. I don't know why there isn't a hologram system built in for phone yet, example you can put your phone on a tripod and it copy you live beam your live image to the other receiver and that receiver to you. that would be awesome.

  10. future changes: energy moving like wifi, we can send and receive power signals (nikola tesla's work finally put into a capitalist methodology)

    brain interfacing signals altering your perception of reality inside of reality, in consciousness for the first time.

    "feeling textures inside of virtual reality with implants into the nervous system, emotion changing technology, virtual reality neurolink rehab centers."

    *free plasma energy, the world stops all other energy production. closed loop system directs 10% of its power drawing a 100x return from it constantly. we create a mini-star on our plant by 2035."

    AR to assist in shopping, drive vehicles, no manual-driven motor vehicles by 2038

    300-400 years from now a solar flare or the ice age will likely occur in unison like it has every 4-5 thousand years. russia will be one of the few habitbal places. along with parts of canada that were uninhabitable until now

    the capitalist system built on oligarchy collapses, in just 200-300 years

  11. oculus will take over, and in my opinion has taken over as of december last year.
    The content increased with the release of skyrim and fallout vr along with doom, and many other games compatible with vorpx; like l4d2, gta v, minecraft, anything you want. those are ones i've verified. Setup takes knowledge of computers, and possibly only experts would own the latest and newest graphics cards (which are needed to play) but, VR is indeed not a replacement for games, but the evolution of where the better games will be in 2022. and in 2040 we'll have 100% real to life 40 teraflop graphics cards. *if not cloud computing streaming it to your simpler device in that neo-reality futurescape .

  12. VR rocks! I can't get enough of it and I got a simple Oculus Rift. That douche in the vid must have played the wrong game, eg. Skyrim VR. Skyrim VR is everything what's wrong with VR, imo.

  13. Vive hard to set-up? lol, hardly. Making you sick? Room scale does not make you sick, and you can get used to free-locomotion if that makes you nauseous. AR is not a competitor to VR, but its sister technology, they don't do the same thing, and AR has a long way to go. Also, less female keynote speakers than male? Zzzz…

  14. Interesting.. The business about VR tech.. is something I myself thought about?  The reason VR is so no no with tech fans is 1: too hard to sort out, 2: way too pricey to buy compared to some tech, 3: Not really helpful to the game play as you better off using a bigger screen instead.  As for that Byton car it looks like a Tesla clone with a bigger dash screen which would be a power drain and too much for the human eyes to cope with? Funny how they expect Tesla to share their super charging sites? Anything to save Byton spending and building their own chargers? I prefer a Tesla or a Nissan 2018 Leaf than this Byton thing.

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