Bitcoin Price: New Yearly High!

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. The only way to know if Fibonacci works is to test it. I do use armonic patterns in the forex market. Just backtest it, there are multiple software to do so. Backtest is the ONLY way to figure out if a strategy works or not 🙂 Keep up Sunny good job!

  2. Bitcoin (BTC) re-sparked hopes of growth with another jump, this time to the $9,700 range, within a small distance of the “moonshot” to $10,000. The lack of shakedowns and the effect of Facebook’s Libra announcement helped boost the leading coin. Monthly (30-day) gains for bitcoin investors now stand at 26.5%.

  3. I agree 95% of altcoins will disappear. However Remember Altavista, Lycos, Yahoo? When Google arrived it quickly captured the search market, bot Altavista and Lycos disappeared. Yahoo merely survives. Hence I keep a few of the top twenty coins that seem to have potential. Just like there are multiple currencies today. People want choice, hence a few will survive. Litecoin is here to stay. I strongly believe Tron will surpass Ethereum. Holding a few Stellar and Cardano coins comes cheap and might be a nice gamble. XRP will capture part of the international transfer market as banks want something they can control. Hence XRP and facebook's Libra coin will both catch part of the market.

  4. Here an other tap on your shoulder. If I posted some criticism it was just to contribute to the option marking. But your analysis was a good contribution on my opinion.

  5. I want you to know i give my friends th "bitcoin smile" already since it has tripled on this year and they are invested in and or google because "it is established" so my grin in from ear to ear 😀

  6. Oh yes, buy the dip, been waiting everyday … and the price of Bitcoin just keeps on going up, so I ended up buying every time it pumps ha ha ha …. JUST BUY NOW.

  7. Sunny is so funny. When btc does it's thing, the alt/BTC charts always go down… Not a reason to put down iota. I'm not holding, but iota is trying something special

  8. God Bless you Sunny!! I dont always agree with you (especially on the Apollo is a scam video..I heavily researched it and I belive they are waaaay ahead of most top 25 coins as far as advancements in Crypto)…but anyways, Been watching you everyday for last 2-3 years ! I am almost a BTC maximalist lol..but like a few alts (APL, ADA, ZIL, VET) Thanks for all you do Sunny! Great content! 💪💪👌

  9. totally understand. if youre in this space,its important to tale a break from it. wish i moved my ltc into .bitcoin since its lost 0.5 btc the last 2 weeks

  10. In 2017 sold my btc and bought stellar and ripple. Lost BIG TIME in terms of btc. Str and xrp finally came back at end of 2017 but the value in terms of btc was much less than I started with.

  11. Great your in relaxed modus. ….because you where lucky to get in ..In in the right time…..sitting on one mill swiss or us dollar already…?…it is just counting…..anyway great videos

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