SKYRIM IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Skyrim VR: Elder Scrolls V (PSVR Gameplay Review)

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Let’s play one of the most anticipated VR games of this year. Skyrim VR is an adventure RPG title for the Playstation VR in where you battle against ancient …


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  1. I really want this, but I already own Skyrim on pc/ps4pro/switch. lol I'm sure this would be quite an experience though, hmmmmm.

  2. movecontroller better Feeling but which Buttons use ? you have not the 4 shoulder Buttons and how you move ? and watch around ? no sticks how on Gamepad

  3. its ridiculus they charge extra for it.. instead of including it at least the the goddamn overhauled special edition.. fk those greedy as sholes, they almost act like EA

  4. I've been playing VR since Rift CV1 came out and I never played Skyrim before in my life, but I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it in Vr simply because it is so epic and the immersion is so great!!

  5. Thank you for giving a more dedicated and honest review. After watching so many people hype this up and seeing really how much farther it needs to go before I'm interested in buying it, it's nice to know that there are others out there that are as disappointed as I am with how slow the tech is moving.

  6. "Every1 can get their hands.." a little bit expensive dont you think? Dont get me wrong. I want the future too i just dont see through the fuzz like when the 3d tv/projectors came years ago..

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