BTC Crazy SURGE, SMASHES $11k! Why is This BITCOIN Price Bull Run is Different?

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Bitcoin soars to new high YTD and smashes $11,000! Mattie is looking into where the next stop might be as well as why this bull run is different from the one we had in 2017.
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#Bitcoin Skyrockets to $11,000

Bitcoin Skyrockets to $11,000 as Strong Bullish Run Continues

Bitcoin bulls relentless soar past $11k in a reminder of q4 2017

Bitcoin Bulls Relentless, BTC Soar Past $11,000 is A Reminder of Q4 2017

Bitcoin in its fourth parabolic phase

Bitcoin in its fourth parabolic phase since inception; is the king coin’s next target $100,000?

Why bitcoin at $10k is different this time

Bitcoin Price at $10,000: Now vs 2017

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  1. Omg, this is a great news, the higher the price the more profitable, trading with Mr Stephan Briggs is the best thi g to happen to me, I made 1.8 btc already

  2. Let me share a secret with you guys. I am Satoshi. As long as Alibaba is in the red the bitcoin will be in the green. You can take this to the bank!!!


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  10. "We're not out the woods yet", you say….? Blimey, what point will we be "out the woods"…????? We're over 50% back to all time highs on amazing institutional interest, and clearly past a horrific 2018 bear market. At $250k you'll still be saying "it's positive but we need to be careful because…."

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