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  1. As a nascar fan…I gotta tell you I'm starting to get annoyed with the oval fans begging codemasters to make a nascar game that will never happen as it seems that this game doesn't even have smaller divisions in career mode,while the more budget title does (nascar heat 3)

  2. Any chance codemasters could finally pull their finger out and deliver VR? How hard can it be? Assetto corsa and Project cars did it 5 years ago. And they are tiny studios with very limited funds compared to codemasters. But no, lets have fucking F2 and interviews with the press. How long can they milk what is essentially the same game that came out in 2016 with microscopic differences.

    More and more people have access to VR and the difference between racing on a flat screen and in VR is like night and day. You cant go back to a flat screen. Codemasters need to get with the times and deliver for once…

  3. i like it but there are handling issues on a simulator. the understeer is fine. but there are issues with starting, idk that could just be me but it is extremely hard with zero assists way harder than previous games. also the curbs are still unrealistic and inconsistently slippy.
    i also have a glitch where i am miles quicker than everyone even in a mclaren in practise sessions but then their pace is restored in the quali and race sessions.

    it is annoying this game because it still has so much more potential currently locked away. even having a fifa style career mode or a motorsport maanger for mobile thing where you manage the team but also drive the cars as well, that way you can do brand deals, sign new drivers and control updates etc

    f2 is a great addition but is farrrrrrrr tooo short

  4. Not only the WTF1 logo in the game, I noticed they threw in Matt Gallagher as part of the crew after a win with a massive alien noggin on him.

  5. 100% agree with your comments on the F2 addition, when it started and it threw me in midway though a race and it was over after three “scenarios” and about 10 laps.
    The story was great, I’m hoping they add this in properly like the old TOCA games

  6. Am i the only one struggling with lack of rear grip even on full tractiom control compared to 2018? I play on 82 and on 78 i cant keep up im sliding around

  7. It's always the same thing with these games, story is pathetic, I don't think that you can even call that Campaign mode, it's just racing without any actual impact on anything, it feels lame. They don't seem to want to take the F1 experience to another level, I get that the goal is to win, but adding cutscenes to make it more dramatic, for you to race for something other than being number one would be nice, even when you ultimatly win the entire thing, nothing really happens. Look at EA and FIFA story, it's not that good but at least you have a story that's interesting enough for you to keep going.
    This is what happens when you re release the same game year after year. I don't want to hate on the game, I like f1, but until they actually do something different I don't know why you would be buying this year after year. This feels like an update, not a new game. But that's how these games go, sadly

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