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  1. the no click height adjustment is honestly a dealbreaker, I just know ill go crazy not knowing if its at the exact same height I usually use every time

  2. Anyone know of any good bass heavy headphones? The Skull Candy Crushers are trash in terms of build quality. I bought multiple pairs and they broke within the first couple months on each occasion.

  3. my ears always thought bose devices sounded great. my ears cannot take high treble as it physically hurt my ears. I've tried the QC20 and compared the sound to Sony's WH1000XM3. for the Sony's i really had to mess with the Equaliser to get it to not hurt my ears and sound decent but the bose sound good without me adjusting anything. I think it's just my ears tho. to each their own

  4. Maybe bose thought that most people dont use airplane entertainment systems and download their own entertainment onto phones or laptops. And if you want the adapter it doesn't cost much.

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