A Virtual Reality Guide to Virtual Reality (360 Video)

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Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. From sports to real estate to education, WSJ’s Joanna Stern takes you on a tour of the best real-world uses of VR. Don’t miss a …


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  1. Well these contents are called 360 video for a reason – because that is what the technology they deploy, but simply not VR.
    Please don't confuse VR with 360 video just because both of them uses a head mounted display as the output device.

    Only from 6:16 is this video showing any VR content.

  2. Target has VR headsets that have the blue tooth installed and its the kind you put your phone in.I love the whole concept about VR because if someone is housebound, depressed, wants to swim with dolphins, ride a horse, climb a mountain maybe in the future With VR they can actually feel like they are doing it.I bought a headset and a separate Bluetooth ( Bluetooth came with it) on ebay for 19.00 free shipping.i realize that VR is very limited but I do hope it becomes amazing.

  3. Who thinks some demented dumbass tried to see what's like killing a person in real life while wearing the virtual reality set? It'll just look like you're killing an avatar in a video game, and then you're being chased and attacked by avatar cops!!!!!! Or how about having sex while wearing the virtual reality sets, you'd just see yourself doing it with another avatar or any other cartoon character.

  4. "Virtual reality can make you a better person"? Even Pokèmon Go says that, well these statements are quite contradictory. Someday I'd like to see Augmented Reality through the Virtual Reality.

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