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  1. Wish everyone has had a chance to use/hear Studio Monitors to see what clairty is. These highs are garbage but its not made for mixing of course

  2. Been tinking about it for about 2.5 years and i must say it's still a cool speaker! Sure, there are better options nowadays but quality comes with a price…. as always…. But still this boombox is one very noisy good sounding bastard. Peace 🤜🤛

  3. , I really like this Awai unit.
    there's is an upgraded battery available on Amazon that offers extended play hours.
    there is also a remote control on Amazon for this unit and also a padded case as well. I will be getting one of these units at some point.
    I've heard sound comparisons against the Peachtree modle just like this unit but I think this Awai unit is better because of the sound, it has a battery & 110 plug, a remote, and an equilizer.
    this company has been around for decades and has always had good products. I hope they develope a Xos -10 . with a spectrum analizer

  4. That thing looks like it eats lettuce, a saladtarian weakling box. I have two speakers that will make it run like a yelping poodle. The bass is distorted up load.

  5. Aiwa sure had some dope reel to reel tape decks back in the day! -I had a Panasonic Platinum cassette boombox way back in the day, and this device is SO much more. I want one of these!!!

  6. Unbox Therapy hey buddy can you tell me your songs collection when ever you check in show for bluetooth speaker or speaker the songs you play i loving it

  7. I’ve been looking for a music system like the old CD/radio stereos that usually come with 2 speakers and has a digital clock, radio, USB input for music and all that jazz
    But I haven’t found a good affordable stereo system like that

  8. Since you have experience with this Aiwa Exos 9 and the Devialet Phantom Reactor, which one is louder and is the Phantom Reactor worth it for a mini party speaker? Thanks

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