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  1. I'm for a 2-2-2 lock and have been for ages mainly due to competitive needing a role queue, which isn't really possible without some kind of lock. That being said implementing it this late in the overwatch league season is stupid.

  2. I agree that adding 2-2-2 lock so late into the season is confusing, if not stupid. Teams have spend the first half of the year experimenting and learning the best why to play and all that is going in the trash because enough people spammed ResidentSleeper in the twitch chat or complained in Reddit.
    2-2-2 lock should have been adding between stage 2 and 3 where teams has enough time to learn the new meta. Now middle teams are going to get screwed over from potentially getting into the finals.

  3. Im gonna say something that no one thinks about BUT when i first played TF2 the devs said they only have 6 maps so players can master the heroes and didnt add maps for years. If blizzard would stop adding maps for a year or two. Learning more metas would have been viable or imagine instead of adding 3 maps there were 3 heroes added instead.

  4. 2/2/2 has been something we thought we could see back as early as Season 1 or 2. It seemed inevitable, honestly. I do think putting it in right before the final stage may really tamper with this seasons outcome. However, it could also be looked at as 'Adaptation' as well. These players are the best in the world and 2/2/2 is being applied to all of the teams and they have been given an early heads up on the situation. While it may bring controversy to the league, it will also bring a lot of excitement and intrigue. This feature should have been in the live game well before now. There are a number of things that you could say question the integrity of competition all the way down to even specific niche heroes in the game. I'm not sure where I stand on it being implemented during the 4th stage of a season. But, I do think it will be good for the game and the league in the long run.

  5. I mean, I get that they are just casters for general audience, but comparing SC and overwatch in terms of meta? First, it has been a decade since then, times change and esport is much different from what it was then. Second, I hate to bring this to you… but esports aren't viewed by the same audience that watches regular sports. It's not interesting to watch something in esports if you already roughly know the results, which was the main reason viewership plummeted during this meta. If rumors are true teams were notified by the week 2 of this stage that gives teams time to prepare. Esports are an entertainment industry with showmanship as main attraction. The whole reason widow 1v1 and torb 1v1 are happening is because this is first of all show and then sports.

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