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  1. HOT TAKE: Gunfire Games already said they wanted to make just one more Darksiders game. I would assume that in this case would be with all the four horsemen (something the entire series have hinted at). That being said, they don't have the experience with online co-op games and, most likely, also want to try out different ideas. Shooting mechanics seems like one of those ideas, since Strife is the one horseman left and he wields guns. SO HERE IT IS: They outsourced Darksiders Genesis – introducing Strife – to Air Ship Syndicate, formed by former Vigil developers, and are now trying out a co-op shooting game. After that, if everything works out, we'll have the final Darksiders, culminating with all the characters and mechanics from those games, including Remnant!
    Or not 🙂

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