Bitcoin price to hit 12k within days! pump & dump, BTC price spike before dropping & Capitulation

So for me I have confirmation that bitcoin is in a falling wedge formation which 9 times out of 10 breaks to the upside as it is a bullish pattern. So If do break up expect that to happen anywhere from now through July 27. I also cover these fib circles and how well they play out when setup correctly. Bitcoin technical analysis, price targets and BTC price projection with time frame.

Previous video about falling wedge:

video about capitulation:

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This is not financial advice and I am not your financial adviser! these are only my views and opinions of how I think the market may play out. Crypto currency is a very risky asset so always do your on research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

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  1. So when it will touch the ring, if it's not going up….it's going down. That's the best tech. analysis I've heard in years.

  2. I don't understand the psychological component of why so many people will be selling off at 8k, 6k, 5k, 4k, etc…I listen to about 6 hours of TA on Youtube a day and it sounds like everyone would be buying if it dips to 8k. So you have longtime hodlers, retail investors and very smart traders all panic selling down to 2k? Sorry, but it makes no sense to me. Please explain.

  3. your bearish bias is clouding your judgment, there are too many factors preventing your capitulation argument. with that said you are the only one who sees that falling wedge that I noticed the other day

  4. Pay no mind to the dumb trolls. You said Jul 25-27 for a possible move to $12k, so there's still plenty of time. Anyway, we'll see what happens. This feels like an accumulation phase to me. If we don't see your pump to $12k, then I'd expect one last dip down over the next few days, and then another green candle for month of August. Followed by new ATH by end of 2019.

  5. Appreciate your content, still not understand your fib circles. However, please dont get rekt shorting BTCUSD dont even try to short the market before August 14, im anxious to see 19k before august 15. Dont get rekt! Dont use leverage just buy and HODL.

  6. Hey man . Just wanted to say I don’t see btc going above 10.2k anymore . You need to continue your bearish view. There are currently 2 pitch forks in play . One smaller time pitchfork with the following points 13.8k to 9.6k to 13.2k . And a bigger pitch fork with 19.8k ,3.2k , 13.8k . The bigger pitch for leaves room for another top at 12.2 k I know . But the smaller pitch should dictate the downwards pressure to 6k in 1-2 weeks. Anyway keep your work we will be at the capitulation ring soon enough. Just wanted to add my thoughts . Good luck and be careful trading . I don’t think a move to 12k is coming

  7. No, no and no. WHO is going to buy bitcoin now that Tethers have stopped printing? Think about it for a second. Who was buying it on the way up? Was that retail investors? Hell no. It was all coordinated manipulation from some group of whales. The top of this secondary bubble was 13.8k. Now we're going down. All rips should be sold from now on…

  8. I don't usually comment on videos but i couldn't help but comment and say that i find your Bitcoin analysis the very best on YouTube. You predict the breakouts really well and those circles almost act like a magnet to Bitcoins price action. Thank you for your content

  9. Good news that ‘Norwegian Air’ ?‍♂️ is now accepting Bitcoin and crypto payments.

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..?..?

  10. I tried to make a ring of capitulation exactly how you did in the video 2 days ago, but I did not get the same result, even same time frame on bitstamp, kinda weird you got perfect ring on 2.618 and mine was completely fucked up. But still I believe in your rings.

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