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  1. I would like to see resident evil 8 play like resident evil 5 not play like outlast what Capcom did to resident evil 7 I hate playing resident evil 7 I would love to see resident evil 3 remake it was my favorite resident evil game until resident evil 5 came out on ps3 and Xbox 360 still I like resident 3 more then resident evil and resident evil 2 if you decide to make resident evil 8 make sure to use Jill in the game Leon was in resident evil 6 or make it have Leon and Jill team up together for the first time since Jill didn’t show up in resident evil 7

  2. I think its impossible to create code veronica. . .if u analyze the time frame of developmemt. . .they will create more assets, more photoshoots and acting to make b4 they make that game. . .so the highest possibilities for capcom to make is re 3 because all the assets are there. . .and re 3 is like a dlc for re 2

  3. I know the community is SOO divided on this, but… I kinda hope that they go with a FP perspective for RE8. I REALLY think that RE7 was just a phenomenal game / experience. Really "next-level" stuff, if you will.

  4. We really need Resident Evil 3 Remake! We already have 0-7 and I hear 8 maybe but no 3 and after what we've seen with RE 2 Remake I would love the same with RE 3.

  5. What about a Wesker centric game? Maybe during his rise to stars and his encounters with the virus before everything broke out .
    Basically a prequel to re 1/zero.

  6. Hope that Capcom considers making Resident Evil Revelations 3 but Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resident Evil 8 are going to be great games to play.

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