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  1. This would be great for traveling. I literally have to charge my switch from 0 during layovers. 4 hours of battery life on breath of the wild? Awesome. Other less intensive titles might give you more so that’s great. The switch is a lifesaver on long flights that’s for sure so this just adds to my sanity

  2. Wait. Can someone please tell me if a pro version is coming? I would consider a pro version no matter the cost, portable Witcher 3 with a min 30 frame rate would be great.

  3. for the testing, it's worth noting that depending on how much the "Launch Switch" was used prior, the battery may have degraded a little.
    i don't think it's a big deal tbh.

    if you already have a switch, no need to concern yourself. if you don't, get the new one or the older one at a discount.

  4. I got my Switch earlier this year and so far I’ve been using it handheld, but that’s because of convenience since I don’t have an HD TV or monitor in my room yet. It’s been enjoyable so far though since I use the Satisfye grips (except for when I play Smash). I honestly don’t know if I should upgrade because now I have an HD monitor and I wanna see if I’ll still gravitate to handheld mode with a TV option in my room now

  5. I am most definitely getting a switch now. It seems the perfect point as it has a decent library of games and the extra hours of battery determined me purchasing one so yeah its happening switch time forever. And it will be my first!

  6. Well to be clear in the US (specifically NY) you can trade in your switch and gamestop will give you 225 not 200 to use and the difference will be 80 bucks(tax included) not 100, I did it today.

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