Race vs Freestyle Builds: Discussion

Some of the top freestyle and racing pilots in the industry discuss the differences between their preferred builds.

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Kevin Dougherty [StingersSwarm] https://www.youtube.com/user/stingersswarm
Joshua Bardwell [Knowitall]
Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]
Zachry Thayer [A_Nub]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor



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  1. YES around 13 minutes in the guy talks about how efficiency. I recently took my 3 inch down from 3052's to 3028's thinking i'd get more battery life, and instead what happened is that I got A LOT LESS battery life! I needed more throttle to hover, the motors had to spin much faster, I even had to increase filtering because the motors were getting too hot. It was very surprising but in the end made a lot of sense.

  2. When talking about the different frame styles, takes me back to my days of archery, where a long rod (stabiliser) with weights on the end would effectively slow down your movement of the bow when aiming, more weight as long as your strength and endurance can handle it mean't essentially aiming became less twitchy and easier to hold on target.

    Same physics principle regarding arm length and stretched X frames etc.

  3. 25:50 Basically, it's like a Ice Skating dancer, when he stretches his arms he spins slowly, and the closer he pulls his arms to his body (the center of mass) he starts to spin faster, the same principlee. I think lol

  4. Wow you guys only lightly touched on the main difference between freestyle and racing quads like one time. You didn't even make it a subject…

    Where you mount the battery. You touched on it a little but it was to bulster another point you were making. I was imagining that one of the main points would've been where the battery is mounted…. but you guys never even really talked about that at all which is very strange.

  5. I think what alex is saying is that just because it's easier for you with a heavier quad doesn't mean someone who is more skilled can't do it just as good with alight quad, which would translate to being faster because they're just better.

    You cannot add in skill to this equation. if it's possible to do then skill has nothing to do with it.

    it's sorta like a fighting video game. Characters are rated how good they are based on what THEY can do… not on what the person playing them can do.

    If a character has a 50% damage combo…. just because some people can't do that combo doesn't make that character worse. It's just that that person isn't skilled enough to do it.

    It might be better to have a heavier quad in windy conditions…. but then again this point ijuts made might apply to that as well.

  6. I have learned so much from you guys and some others in the last 5 weeks. I have been taking my time with my actual build. with that being said…I have LOS dialed. happy with my acro progress via sim. I can fly. likely I will have my first two builds done and flown before summers end. much appreciated yallz

  7. Vanover`s reaction to the freestylers`s quad weigh was like an F-1 driver reacting to the weight of a nascar lmao.
    Really cool to see the priorities the pro`s have, and what the preferences are for not only the types, but the different people.
    Me:watches youtube reviews and goes, "hmmm, Hawk 5 or Buzz?"

    (had a Hawk in checkout, then bills happened :/ but hey, the weather has been crap anyway so..)

  8. more challenging doesnt mean slower, but easier has its benefits! if you control it through the small space youll gain/keep more speed but i understand its a balance, different for everyone. i like the downpitch the prop solution for that, simple functional. i think hes got the right idea.

  9. A frame designer demonstrated that if you tilt a short kwad on a 20 degree angle. The rear prop catches air turbulance from the front. A longer x on the same angle. Lifts the following props through cleaner air. No difference on straight punch out. But, much more efficient for forward movement. I believe this theory.

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