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  1. Apologies for the video quality on this episode! We had some technical issues with our lighting, but we felt it was important to get this story up, instead of delaying it to fix the lights.

  2. Heterophobia and Cisphobia will always be infinitely more edgy and problematic, since they comprise the other 99.99% of humanity ???

  3. This was not offensive… the soap joke was funny. If you cant take a hit now and then, well, you must have a sad and complicated life. This stuff only happens because we have nothing more to complain about in the west. We are so used for luxury, that real issues arent a big part of most of our lives any longer. Some people deal with problems that most of us will never have. And we re the loudest complainers… srsly.

  4. this is what they should have done from the beginning instead of the kneejerk reaction to a couple of deranged people on resetera

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