Is a $100,000 Bitcoin Still Realistic?

Is a $100,000 Bitcoin Still Realistic?


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. ?? , you are bullish on bitcoin in the midde to long term. Other big names such as DataDash, Bob Loukas, Alessio Rastani, Andreas Antonopoulos etc. are also extremely bullish on the long term. Based on this, it would make sense to take a 4% interest loan now and invest it dollar cost average in the coming months. (not saying I will, but based on the overall btc trend, log chart, halving, 4y cycle,.. it might be a smart move). The only big « unknown/risk » is basically if recession will have a significant negative impact on btc. Or potentially that this is a « B » wave, as Alessio mentioned in one scenario (but then again, I would dollar cost average and follow the btc key signals). Thanks indeed for your reply on why this is a good or absolute bad idea.

  2. Crypto Daily, my daily source for movie news. 😛 Seriously though, I didn't know The Matrix 4 was actually happening. And I just watched the "Neo is not the One" theory on youtube yesterday. You have some good timing sir. 🙂

  3. The past says absolutely nothing about the future. That the price has been rising for the past years, does NOT mean it will continue rising in the future. Every experienced trader/asset holder knows/should know this. Saying bitcoin will rise, purely based on the fact that it has been rising in the past, is super naive and is not an accurate prediction.

  4. while were here debating if BTC will hit 100k

    People in poor countries are using satoshis to literally survive. (Buying food and medicine)

    amazing how different it is being in the 1st world talking bout crypto vs 3rd.

  5. if we start today at 10k,
    Our profit will bi max at today pricese 90%
    early bird catch the worm…(liear coef. 1,0593 *10k will accumulate 100k in 44 months)

  6. I think the btc will continue to follow the stock and the financial climate for alternativ investment. Won´t go as low but a stagnation and a larger drop is expected. This is where we buy and wait out the storm. Whenbtc was high in 2017 i bought gold that was low and now i am enjoying that very much.. if you want to be part off 1% dont do as the 99%. When ppl say buy then sell.. when ppl don´t buy, then buy.

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