ALMOST THERE! Bitcoin Has It's Foot in the Door…

ALMOST THERE! Bitcoin Has It’s Foot in the Door…


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  1. I am in the US And you have got that fat hack pegged because he probably could have cared less about the pedo system of Jeffery Epstein but he uses the child trafficking as a reason to want to get rid of miners .

  2. I am very bullish about young, low marketcap projects with great features and high potentials like Credit and WavesBet 500x is very realistic.

  3. You are looking at volume on Bitmex. That's not Bitcoin trading. Look at the volume for Bitstamp and Coinbase for actual volume. Bitmex' XBT contract (which is what you trade on Bitmex, and what people confuse with BTC often) has it's index based on the average price for Kraken, Coinbase and Bitstamp. So to move the price, you have to use actual fiat exchanges. Look at the volume of those. Bitmex is just loosing traders because of potential regulatory issues.

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