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  1. 2019: Its a beautiful day in the culturally appropriated transgender black victimized white devil neighborhood, wont you be mine…my neutral sys male antifa neighbor.

  2. Looks at thumbnail
    Why does this look like a cursed image?

    Pffft, no shade at Tom Hanks– amazing actor– but it just doesn't look right for anuone but Mr. Rogers to look like that.
    So it looks like someone cropped his face onto Mr. Rogers' head.

  3. I wonder If people know Mr. Rogers used to be a.
    Stormed the beach's of Normandy
    Stormed the jungle's of Vietnam
    Flew Airplane's
    Cargo Ship Captain
    Apollo 13 Astronaut
    And a Worldwide Jogger who Liikkke's Ruunnang!

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