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  1. "Slithering up simple structures in Snake Pass is one of the most mechanically satisfying video game ideas I have ever experienced." = 7.2

    Basically what he's saying is "controlling your character in this game is one of the most satisfying ever, but meh I'll give it a middling (relative to IGN) score".

  2. I don't recommend this game. It's cute and has unique physics, but other than that it's unbearably boring, hard to control, slow and the collectibles seem pointless. I barely touched it. It's currently the only archived game on my Switch.

  3. I really want to see them make a sequel and really build on top of what they gave so far,it's a really cool concept and I really do want to see more of snake pass in the future I give it an 8/10

  4. I have to hand it to them, very inventive and as previously said usually we get the same shit. It is overpriced but if it ever goes o sale surely a must buy, hope it does well so we get more new ideas in the future. Definitely a throwback to older titles. Actually something about it makes me nossssssstalgic.

  5. A charming little Platformer and a tricky one at that due to how different it is but that's what I like about it. Oh and his voice when he falls to his doom is so cute ahahaha

    Hope we get more games like this 😀

  6. Why is it ok for games like Dark Souls to have a punishing checkpoint system where if you die, you have to do everything again to continue.. While for example in this game its annoying?

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