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  1. Just ordered the 11 Pro 5.8" screen with 512GB in Midnight Green after almost going for the 11 Pro Max which would be nice to have the extra screen size but saved myself £100 on the price. It's a burn paying this kinda money for a phone but after being assaulted & having my iPhone X stolen i'm just glad to be alive / moving on. I use my phone for business & social media so look forward to getting this little beast.

  2. I'm with you in the unpopular opinion that the camera array looks kinda rad.

    I have an 11 Pro coming on launch day. Big change from the phone 8 I've been using. I'm particularly excited about the OLED screen in conjunction with dark mode. It'll be so much easier on my eyes.

  3. I'll gonna buy Samsung Galaxy A70 with 6.7 inch Super AMOLED display & on-screen fingerprint scanner with 25W fast charging❗ On a low price ❗ PS. Big 4500 mAh battery ❗? No need of portable chargers…

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