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  1. First off welcome back Sydnee. Second off I think it's nice that Sony is keeping Tom Holland as Spider-Man, however I believe the down fall of this will be that severed MCU connection. This interation of Spidey has grown to be loved by many people, and the idea of keeping the current actor as the character but having him act a different way basically is kinda lame.

  2. if kojima plans on making a sequel to death stranding, it'll defeat the whole purpose of what he set himself up for. He didn't want to make a sequel to his project such as MGS even though MGS needed explanation for its complex story. Konami forcefully made him work on MGS sequels so I'm not anticipating a sequel for death stranding since he's in full control here and regardless of what happens within the game.

  3. I can't wait to walk 14 miles in barren terrain…while carrying a baby in the rain..while I micromanage my stress levels with Japanese fun snacks and soothe my blistered fingers with J-Pop while ephemeral beasts shoot electronic negativity into the spherometer causing my vision to blur, resulting in my graphical displacement unit to overload my hunger levels, causing an eagle to fly out of my rectum and dissipate into a butterfly fuel source.

    Kojma you've done it again!!!! 10/10

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