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  1. I haven't taken the quests but based on what I hear from here, I think that's the proper send off where he acquires a vineyard where just lives in peace and grows fruits. It is the proper ending, because in what I've seen when I finished the base game, it was accurately described by one user as – like being in purgatory. All of the people, who've accompanied in your ques.
    are suddenly gone and your left to just wander the lands , alone.

  2. The Witcher 3 is a thrilling masterpiece of stunning graphics, emotional storytelling intermingling mythology and mysticism, love and betrayal, sacrifice and salvation, politics and power ultimately allowing you to immerse this fantasy world unconsciously. The only side effect is that you will feel sad for finishing the game because you realize that is nothing comparable to it.

  3. The new Gwent deck is so bad. Forcing you to use it in the tourney was annoying AF, even with all the cards to the deck. My Northern Realms deck with 5 spies is ridiculously better.

  4. Weak antagonist? I guess its a matter of opinion, but I'd argue that there were moments/interactions with the antagonist that are quite objectively the best in gaming. But maybe using the word ''objectively'' is also bit of a leap since that counteracts my whole argument 😀


    The amount of backstory you get for Dettlaff was imo quite appropriate. You get to know enough to ''care'' while not being flustered with it. And while the twist was somewhat predictable, it made your final decisions hard. I really enjoyed more ''grounded'' story arc ( if you can call fantasy grounded ), instead of the world ending menace of the base game. Same could be said for hearts of stone.

  5. Gotta admit, i pirated this game. 60 dollars for a game was a great amount of money for a student in my country and i felt guilty but finally i bought it on steam yesterday

  6. Weak antagonist? There were 3…Two were women, one was basically an Easter egg and none of them were "weak". All were complex. If this game was made by EA, Activision or Disney IGN wouldn't shut up about how these female antagonists were changing the entire genre and how great they were. When a company like CDRP that is REALLY about diversity does it? Nothing. This is why no one respects you IGN. Have fun shilling the hell out of the new Captain Marvel movie and Anthem though.

  7. I agree Detlaff isn't much impressive than Gaunter O'dimm but still a lot better than Eredin and many antagonists out there, so by saying he is a weak antagonist is too unreasonable since vampire is one of the most interesting creature in the witcher universe and don't forget how epic the fight. Also his story is pretty interesting so giving it 9.0 and not higher just because that "point" only is unacceptable since you guys also gave many games higher than that who don't even deserve that score. Yes i know ign has a lot reviewers which i think that's the problem here, we can't trust any of their reviewers since everytime they do a review we don't even know who is the reviewer we watch, even i heard ign kept hiring a part time student to do jobs like this which is a joke

  8. So let me get this straight you give an expansion which is really a WHOLE NEW GAME a 9.0?! This should be 10 THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS EXPANSION AND THERE WILL PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE

  9. I'm level 32 and don't want to do the last part of thr main quest just yet. Which dlc should I go into. Also if I go to Toussaint can I come back in between missions or do I have to do the whole lot before getting back to do other stuff.

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