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  1. Obsidian just pimp slapping Bethesda and Bioware showing them how an RPG is supposed to be made. No seriously, neither company hasn't made a decent game in years.

  2. Now that Bioware has gone to sh*t, Obsidian might be the best storytellers in the industry. Whereas Bethesda aims for broader but more shallow experiences. I'm confident that TOW will be a more rich experience than Fallout 4 for those who prioritize roleplaying.

  3. I've read on an article the reason this game has no bugs is that the developer already finished this game almost 2 yrs ago, and that they've already played this game and finished it 17x with different endings. So basically all bugs have been patched and resolved already. I salute them and this is a fine example of a real triple AAA game.!!!

  4. I don't understand why he says if this game is what Bethesda fans want… We all kinda know by now that most people who really enjoyed Fallout 3, 4 and 76 don't really like New Vegas and the originals and vice versa…

  5. I'm not a huge Bethesda fan or anything but I enjoyed their games with a grain of salt. I was always more of a BioWare and Obsidian guy with games like KOTOR 1&2, Mass Effect, New Vegas etc..
    Since BioWares disappointment and Bethesdas "fall" (like I said I never really liked them that much to begin with) I'm only left with Obsidian, especially since New Vegas and KOTOR II are my favorite games of all time!

    Really looking forward to this one.

  6. You thought Fallout 76 was empty before. Once 'The Outer Worlds' hits the shelves I doubt any of the hold-outs (myself included) will bother with the game again.

  7. A great thing for me with this game is that I haven't been rabidly devouring all preview content/trailers as I was quite sceptical about it. Comparatively, I had a lot of the New Vegas and Fallout 4 content spoiled as I read/watched all I could pre-release date. It'll be nice going into a game like this 'blind'.

  8. Open world games used to be rare, now they're everywhere. Not only that but they're so common that no passion for the game shows. This may not be open world but it's just what we need. Obsidians passion for RPG games truly shows in their work. I love that!

  9. I honestly got bored with New Vegas, but I LOVED fallout 3 and 4 to death, so this looks to be an amazing time, I can't wait to play…

  10. Obsidian has my full attention on this game. Bethesda joined the dark side with MicroTransactions and at one point blaming the community. No thanks. I'll take my money to another company.

  11. I cant believe people fell for FO76….they SAID no NPCs, no story as in FO4 and people feel shitted?? Sounded like crap, and thats what you got -.- HUGE empty map games, and this time they even told you its boring….kinda.
    The crafting is missing here though. I really liked the crafting in FO4. Go out, search for steel…come back, craft a weapon.

  12. I dunno why, but lacking a large main map kinda bugs me. I did like the visual effect of possibility, like in fallout 4, as you're raised up the elevator and you see blinding light, and off in the distance, you see towering skyscrapers, and you think "can I go there?" Then going to the glowing sea, and realizing you can travel past the map borders was pretty cool. I just don't get the same sense of adventure and exploration in bio ware type games. Exploration is a huge part of bethesda's games success, being able to walk in any direction and coming across unique quest within minutes, that's special. This game doesn't seem to have that. More of a dragon age or mass effect style, where even the side quests are pretty much handed to you. I have played fallout 4 dozens of times, for hundreds of hours, since release, and I only just came across the kid in a fridge mission about 6 months ago. A completely optional quest hidden so well, and there are so many other quests hidden just like that in bethesda games. This makes multiple playthroughs worth it. The outer world's having small maps means you'll see every inch of it, and won't have that crucial part of the game. I'm gonna skip this game, get death stranding instead.

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