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  1. Watching Jeff Gerstmann describe it as a freshman stoner philosophy lecture for morons and then hearing Kallie talk about it as some kind of rich “tapestry” is hilarious.

  2. I feel like if this game wasn't a PS Exclusive (mindless hype) made by Kojima (mindless hype π), everyone would agree wholeheartedly with IGN.

  3. The reason this particular person likes this game is because she doesn't have to kill anyone in this game. This particular reviewer "Kallie Plagge" has always stated that she has problems with violence/harm against other people in video games LOL

  4. Honestly, after watching this review (and I typically go for Gamespot’s reviews over IGN’s anyway), IGN’s review doesn’t necessarily seem wrong. It certainly doesn’t deserve all of the hate it’s getting. What I’ve gathered is that Kallie’s review was a lot more thoughtful due to her approach to the game. Whereas, IGN’s review was more so looking at Death Stranding on a surface level. If I’m being honest, most people will look at it on a surface level and won’t pay as much attention to detail as Kallie. Solid review for sure.

  5. This a joke right? Hideo Kojima is surely messing with us. I like how the review barely went over the gun tab in the menu. Focusing on the delivery system was a good red herring tactic. Keep it up IGN!

  6. So I get that it may have a good story and unique concepts, but I play games first and formost for fun. If the gameplay is not enjoyable then I have no reason to keep playing and discovering the story. I would rather just watch a movie at that point…

  7. Idk why everyone is so surprised that all it is is just walking and delivering things it’s like how could you not know from the gameplay they showed what else did you expect?

  8. I think there might be some deeper, hidden meaning to some degree – but for "normal" folks who want to have fun and enjoy themselfes after a day at work … nah.

  9. Low Roar – Poznań has a lot of meaning for me as a polish man. This game is something different and Hideo is an amazing creator! Can't wait to play it on PC!

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