Last practice before Multigp Champs! Drone Racing

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Great to get in some more packs before heading to daytona beach for the RDQ / Multigp 2019 Pro class championships! Wish me luck 🙂

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► Drone Setup:
– Vanover Motors (Best motors on the market):
– Vanover Camera (NEW!):
– FlightClub Neutron R Frame:
– BrainFPV Radix Li Flight Controller:
– Hobbywing 40amp 4in1 Speed Controller(NEW!):×20-blheli-s-dshot1200-for-fpv-pilots?variant=30313032614003
– RushFPV Tiny Tank VTX (NEW!): Coming soon
– Lumenier Axii 2 UFL antenna:
– Futaba R2000SBM Receiver:
– Azure Power 5148 SFP Props(Best for racing):

► Shoutout to use coupon code “Vanover” get ten percent off!

– Dominator HDO goggles:
– RapidFIRE Goggle Receiver:

– Futaba 16SZ:

– Hex Driver kit:
– Portable Soldering Iron: –
– Prop tool:


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  1. Is coming to the two gates on top of each other backwards actually faster; it seems that way but I'm sure you have some numbers behind it (or at least %). Never seen anyone do that before..

    Also those 3 gates in the middle, pure FPV pornography. So well done!

  2. Impressive run Vanny. I've got a question. Are you seeing the gates and flags, or feelings that's where they'll be by timing? I can barely see them on the side of the screen before you're past them.

  3. What in the ever living f*** dude!! You are no mere human!! Your skill set is unprecedented lil dude!! I am elated watching you dominate. I love the fact you know youre amazing but your not an asshat! That truly sets you worlds apart man. Congrats on all your success. I dig that my kids look up to you!!

  4. I’m a freestyler that JUST started learning to race. I’ve always been amazed at your skill but I gained a whole new level of respect for what you do after I flew a single gate.

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