Oculus Link For Oculus Quest Is HERE

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Oculus Link is an update available now for Oculus Quest that allows you to play full PC VR games from Oculus and Steam VR on your Oculus Quest. In this …


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  1. Great video. Here is what I found out as far as cables go. First, I just happen to buy the 10’ anker cable oculus recommends. Purchased it yesterday morning right before link released, and got the cable delivered this morning (luckily purchased it before they ran out).
    The anker cable works great! I am using it through a usb 3.0 powered (also happens to be anker hub, that wasn’t on purpose). Wasn’t sure it would work through the hub, but low and behold it worked flawlessly. I had no issues of latency and the graphics looked smooth and amazing! Played through Vader episode 1 and around oculus home a little bit. Can’t wait to finally play Stormland and Asgard tonight when my daughter goes to bed.

    Anyhow, one other huge piece of information I found by just trying it out… have numerous Amazon basic 3.0 usb extensions. Hooked up a 10’ usb extension to the anker cable and yep, still working great… with 20 feet of cable!

  2. I currently have a og rift but am getting the quest with link for Christmas and am looking forward to comparing them with games such as blades and sorcery, the wizards and stormlands

  3. If you're planning on buying the quest like I am now you can wait for a few days and get it with the black friday deal that includes all of Vader Immortal! ($30 value)

  4. Not sure if I misunderstood something or wasn't paying attention. My card is supported but doesn't have a usb-c port on it, but my motherboard does. Does this mean I will be able to plug the anker cable from my quest to my motherboard's usb-c port? And will that work the same way for the oculus link cable?

  5. I’m really struggling with the choice of rift s or quest. I was thinking rift s cause I have a ton of pcvr games. And I’m not a big fan of battery’s. But I have heard there is a lot of issues with the rift s. I also have a GTX 1060 which is not supported so I don’t know.

  6. I have a question: In the video it says that GTX 1060 isn't supported, but on oculus' support page, it says it is (https://support.oculus.com/444256562873335/). I think an article on Ars Technica also said that it isn't supported (but there were discussions about this in the comments). I notice that the oculus link says that it specifically is the desktop version that's supported, but I assume that's what I have, since it's a desktop computer. Can anyone more tech savvy than me clarify this? Is GTX 1060 supported or not?

  7. Any chance of loading DCS and seeing how that goes. I know it's not that popular but DCS players are keen adopters of VR and struggle to get it working well with many headsets. Great videos in any case.

  8. I’m glad I bought this little unit. I was skeptical at first because my first taste of VR was on the Samsung galaxy vr headset. That thing sucked. Felt like you were looking through a screen door. Then I splurged and bought the PlayStation vr and, surprise…same issue, bigger problems though. One of them being the fact that you have to put a PlayStation camera in a good spot…oh and the cables!

    Anyone that has first generation of ps vr knows what I’m saying. It’s just an insane mess of cables.

    I got this oculus thinking it would just be an expensive toy and braced myself for a screen door simulator. Boy was I wrong.

    If you can buy it, to for it. Put it on a credit card, sell your kids, sell your kidney, whatever it takes. It’s worth it.

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