Why The Bottom For Bitcoin Is CLOSE! – Beware This One Stipulation

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In this video, we talk about why the bottom for Bitcoin is very close, and why we should be shorting in today’s market and not longing. We discuss some price targets and we discuss trades that can help us be profitable in today’s market.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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  1. This is probably the biggest dump bitcoin has seen in these past few months and most investors are losing their portfolio. Bitcoin is way too volatile and unpredictable to just hold nothing except now is guaranteed. I trade daily and accumulate so in any market trend and any price am making profit and if eventually bitcoin price should hit the moon then I would ride with it because I would have more than enough stock in my portfolio. I trade with Signals provided by Caleb Easterby, he is a seasoned and expert trader with years of experience with his signals being implemented into my trades I have grown my portfolio to 15 btc from 3 btc in just a month. You can reach him with all your inquiries by WhatsApp (+31)635250332 or Telegram {@Easterby} . Caleb in my opinion is one of the best strategist, adviser and signal provider in the crypto business today. Trust me, you are better off trading and making good returns now than holding onto what most likely would burn you tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jebb, $ cost average but you already spent all your money buying BTC every week. Now you don't have any cash & you only have Altcoins. What & how you convert to BTC. What Alts to keep and which to sell, that's a big question. Please help.

  3. While I am not shorting here at this moment (already closed my short from 8800 area), I do think BTC will go under 5k again and there are strong technical arguments for that.

  4. All i can tell you is A. Theres a CME gap at 11800 on the daily, and they ALL get filled. B. At halving, if price is anywhere near what it is today, then BTC may be dead very soon because miners will be losing cash hand over foot. Average breakeven for new coins will be in excess of 8k….do the math…..I think dollar cost averaging has been the best way to play BTC for the last year …..

  5. I don't think we will go below 6k. 6k was a major support in 2018. We broke down to 3k for a while, then broke back above 6k earlier this year. I think we are simply correcting down to 6k to confirm resistance has turned support before we go up again. ↗️↘️↗️

  6. If people understood what Bitcoin was they would not be selling it at all. The Dollar is racing towards zero and yet EVERYBODY is trying to figure out how to make more of them. The real winners will be those with more Bitcoin in their stack rather than Dollars when the spit finally hits the fan.

  7. Market is like a casino. longer in the market, the longer they keep your money. our task is to have money to buy at the lowest point…we are going below 4k. no doubt. or very close to it

  8. BTC will definetly be dropping below 5k…keep in mind that everyone who said BTC would rally when Bakkt launched was wrong…when BTC topped out at 14k and ppl were foaming out the mouth to buy saying it was getting ready for new ATH's were wrong…And these same ppl that have this hysterical idea that BTC will rally in the face of this escalating global recession will be wrong once again……just think about it is all I'm saying…😏

  9. good day jebb hope you have had a good one? i so hope you are right im buying on the cheap from now 😉 but i so hope the ass dose not drop out of bitcoin as i do see a good future for it… till next time peace

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