Giving my OG flying spot a proper send off :) FPV Drone racing

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Well everything comes to an end eventually, and today is the last day that I will be setting up a permanent track outside of my home at our private airport. Good things come and go, for me, this doesn’t feel like the end, but rather the end of the beginning, now onto a new permanent flying location that should be even better than this one!?!?

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► Drone Setup:
– Vanover Motors (Best motors on the market):
– Vanover Camera:
– Mewo FPV custom top mount racing frame
– BrainFPV Radix Li Flight Controller:
– Hobbywing 40amp 4in1 Speed Controller(NEW!):×20-blheli-s-dshot1200-for-fpv-pilots?variant=30313032614003
– RushFPV Tiny Tank VTX (NEW!):
– Lumenier Axii 2 UFL antenna:
– Futaba R2000SBM Receiver:
– Azure Power Vannystyle Prototype racing / freestyle props : coming soon 🙂

► Shoutout to use coupon code “Vanover” get ten percent off!

– Orqa FPV one goggles:
– RapidFIRE Goggle Receiver:

– Futaba 16SZ:

– Hex Driver kit:
– Portable Soldering Iron: –
– Prop tool:


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  1. Watching this on mobile or using the PiP function to reduce the size gives a better impression, of the video quality. I really hate watching back my fpv feed in fullscreen, it looks sooo bad, but it's fine when smaller.
    The speed and precision is just insane. Wishing you best of focus for upcoming tournaments!

  2. Dude don’t believe this speed for a sec. Van’s quad was standing still while he used his Jedi powers to summon the gates were flying at it at rocket speed. Look closely, you will see A shadow of his hands moving the gates. Insane.

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