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  1. do mean data, not wifi ?? never mind persistence always wins lol thanks for all the tips I'll see you in your next blog to dark to play oh well, yup new here

  2. Hi I just got a drone just like the one you have in the video when you turn or should I say spin the drone do you have to do that every time you use it

  3. Hey Quad – Good video. I just purchased this unit to add to my gear. In your video you timed the battery at 18 minutes and change, so since my unit comes with two I guess that puts me 35-40 minutes???

  4. its not working well this drone the application crashes all the time and a bit of wind the drone moves on its own

  5. Just got this drone and was loving it for the first few minutes till the batteries died. Now I am pretty sure they arent charging as the charging cable just stays red (manual says it should flash green, mine just stays solid red). Any advice would be appreciated, it will cost as much as the drone itself to return it. I kept it on for 2 hours and took it off charge and it still said "low battery"

  6. How can I get gps functionality I sat outside for 45mins waiting for it to sync with 4 satellites and nothing I can fly it on indoor mode but nothing else.

  7. My 4drc f3 won’t connect to the 4drc pro app. Any suggestions? It’s connected to the drones wifi network, and calibration was complete but the app just says “device not connected” I’ve tried everything, any advice? iPhone XS

  8. If your phone doesn't have the 802.11ac you won't be able to access the drones camera or you won't be able to take pictures and record videos ?

  9. Bought this Dag – Gum drone (4DRC – F3) Mainly bc of your video. You liked everything on this beginner drone. As a whole you like all drones like me; but not everything. So Imma going to give the Dag – Gum thing a try.
    I want to fly commercially; however, I can't afford a (Pro-Drone) until I win the lottery,
    Maybe I'll leave a small 30 second VIDEO of my virgin flight of the 4DCR-F3.

  10. Okay so I got in my drone today, not this one, it was one of the same brand but smaller, and it really sucked. So I'm looking at this video to find a better version, and I was wondering is this worth the 70ish dollars that it is? Like I am only gonna try to get a drone 1 more time before I give up trying to get one till I'm old enough to get the money for a REALLY good one! So yeah please someone tell me if this is worth it and how well it works from your experience! thank you! 😀

  11. Hello my friend i want ask you whats is the better drone under 160 dollars for range 800-1000 meters with nice cam thanks

  12. Love the reviews sir. Not everybody can afford a DJI,Auetel over a grand drone! So alot of us still love these reviews of the lower end drones!

  13. Thanks for sharing..
    I did bought one..
    did a short review about it..
    quite good for beginners.. but don't expect much..
    did a few crashes into a tree but still OK..
    less than USD100 – 150 budget drone..
    but there are some other brands which are slightly better.. at the same budget..

  14. Please Quadcopter 101 release another video about how to setup the jumper t lite:) open tx are not easy sometimes for beginners and almost no instruction come with the jumper t lite

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