Surfing 101: A Virtual Reality Experience (360 Video)

Surfing 101: A Virtual Reality Experience (360 Video)

Join big-wave surfer Kyle Thiermann in a lesson on the basics of surfing – how to read surf conditions, body movement and the rules of the waves! Subscribe to …


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  1. A+maZING SLENDID & WonderFULL 360 POV 🙏- S E E A N E W z *

    Nature is The Core.

    It is Everything.

    And Without Nature,
    Nothing Is.


    * RETHINK >
    You, Me, We Are
    (PhenomenAll) Nature.

    Get Up 4
    OZONE Atmosphere AIR
    W A T E R &
    ALL Life
    Under the S U N. Plz ☀️🌊




  2. My old spot the dirt farm off of 38th hey tell ej and kathy sonja says hey you cant miss em 2 of the best surfers in front of jacks house

  3. this is awesome , I wish it were available in 3D and 360 for a true VR with VR glasses. How about some new videos like that?

  4. Hello, we are an audiovisual producer located in Colombia, we are very interested in being able to buy and use some of this material recorded in 360 vr, we have to say a video with shots of people surfing recorded in 360 vr, I do not know if it is possible to buy these Do you take them for use ?, Thank you very much.

  5. When he was talking my mom heard and said WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO SWEET HEART and i'm like no one and shes like ok then i'm going shopping wanna come i'm like no and shes like ok but your still coming

  6. Looking for a realistic surfing game?
    So realistic, you can improve your surfing while playing. And best graphics in a surfing game so far.

  7. I watched several of these before I understood that you can actually look around. I thought they were filmed for something else. ha ha, now I gotta go back and do some lookin around- nice vids, thanks

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