10 Newest Supercars So Fast They Are Only Allowed on Race Tracks

Last time we checked, the only country that has no speed limit is the Isle of Man, while the rest of the world must snail around at 90 miles per hour tops. However, there are some private sanctuaries where drivers can still take advantage of the countless hundreds of horsepower. These are racing tracks and the perfect supercars to enjoy their infrastructure are track-focused ones. In this episode we will present to you the newest models that were released for the 2021 season. Lowest drag coefficients, gut punching G-forces, sharp turns and breathtaking speeds this is what the upcoming lineup can deliver on.

Other news about performance-oriented vehicles that previously appeared on #AutomotiveTerritory:

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List of all vehicles that made it to this #AT_New_Cars video:

Ktm X Bow GTX: ktm.com/en-no/X-BOW/x-bow-news/official-world-premiere-of-the-ktm-x-bow-gtx.html

Just like the previous builds by KTM’s Sportscar divisor, the brand-new KTM X-Bow GTX was designed by the Kiska Design studio, who further developed sensational aerodynamics and sharpened exterior lines.

Bugatti Bolide: newsroom.bugatti/en/feature-stories/bugatti-photo-release-the-bugatti-bolide-is-real

In 2020, Bugatti is returning to its racing roots by giving the 8L Quad Turbo W16 potential to the lightest and most uncompromising vehicle concept of the recent years, named Bugatti Bolide.

Lamborghini Huracan STO: lamborghini.com/en-en/news/the-inspiration-behind-huracan-sto-the-engineering

Expected to be the last iteration of the model before its replaced in 2022, the new STO is the most track-oriented Huracan in the range, that still, however, qualifies for road use. The supercar sports a completely revised shape, track-honed aerodynamics, and new bodywork, out which 75% is all-carbon fiber.

Radical SR10: www.radicalsportscars.com/our-cars/sr10

The Peterborough-based builder of track-day weapons expands its lineup with the new model that packs the biggest mill in the SR series. The Radical SR10 uses a mid-mounted 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four which is mated to a Hewland six-speed gearbox.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R: donkervoort.com/en/cars/donkervoort-d8-gto-jd70-r/

Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R abandons all of the restrictions imposed on regular JD70 by the road-legal status, and squeezes the maximum out of Audi-developed 2.5L 5-cylinder turbo engine.

Brabham BT62 & BT62 Competition: brabhamautomotive.com/bt62/

Established in 1960, Motor Racing Developments Ltd was a racecar manufacturer as well as a Formula 1 team, that was widely known under its founder’s name Brabham. The company went out of business in early 90s, but returned in 2018 with an all-new BT62 track car.

Lamborghini SC20: media.lamborghini.com/english/latest-news/all/lamborghini-sc20–the-unique-open-top-track-car-by-squadra-corse/s/442e4168-65cf-4096-897b-16456127ebf9

Just one month after teasing the hypercar world with extreme Huracan STO, Lamborghini reveals a one-of-a-kind SC20 roadster developed by the marque’s Squadra Corse division. With no roof and no windshield, but a giant road-legal V12 under the hood, the unique open-top sports a monocoque chassis and an ultralight carbon fiber body.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12: media.lamborghini.com/english/latest-news/all/lamborghini-essenza-scv12–the-purest-track-experience/s/38039006-47a2-41d0-8992-45cc3b02698f

Developed by the brand’s Squadra Corso division and styled by the Centro Stile, Lamborghini Essenza SCV12is one of the most exclusive models by Lamborghini, since it gets a limited production for 40 units worldwide, but also gives you access to the most famous racing tracks in the world.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV: jaguar.com/about-jaguar/special-vehicle-operations/vision-gt-sv.html

Despite its virtual nature, the Vision GT SV was created as a legitimate design study by the same Jaguar Racing engineering team, who was behind the six consecutive Formula E Seasons and the previous Vision GT Coupe concept.

McLaren Elva: cars.mclaren.com/en/ultimate-series/mclaren-elva

The original design language for this supercar was envisioned by Bruce McLaren back in 1960 in the open top race cars M1A, B and C. The Elva arrives without any visible wind protection, as a roof, window, and windshield-less roadster.

Hennessey Performance Venom F5: hennesseyperformance.com/hennessey-venom-f5-set-for-global-production-car-debut

It is common knowledge that the Venom F5 was designed as a road-legal hypercar, but we still added it to this lineup to share the exciting news of its imminent arrival.


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  1. What a hideous vinyl car wrap, looks like confetti?
    Wow that Lamborghini sc20 is just insane. Needs to have a frameless windshield installed and detuned for sale in the city.

  2. Isle of Man does have speed limits in the towns and villages – outside of the towns/villages there is no national speed limit – some roads may be driven at any speed which is safe and appropriate. Careless and dangerous driving laws still apply, so one may not drive at absolutely any speed, and there are local speed limits on many roads.

  3. If VENOM were extraterrestrial like the one in the movie, it would definitely be worth $ 2.1 million, but unfortunately it's just a terrestrial car.

  4. omitting the front windshield & roof in these super cars is a bit too much over the top, stretching the bespoke concept too much!!! phasing out the Lamborghini HURACAN will be a big mistake by Lamborghini!!! at the very least they can retain the AWD version of the Lamborghini HURACAN!!!

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