Best VR Games To Play In 2020

Best VR Games To Play In 2020

Looking for the best VR games to play in 2020? Well, in this video we’ll be rounding up the top 10 VR games to play on PC, whether you want to be scared stiff …


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  1. VR needs more "full" games. Full, as in something that is not a sort of minigame or a VR showcase (boneworks and arena fight type of games among other things).

    For now, my list of worthwhile games looks like Skyrim vr, fallout 4 vr and Half life. But the two former are what would make VR worthwhile to me. Games where you could spend 100hrs+ because the gameplay loop is not a short one (in both, you have a character you develop with various skills, there is a lengthy story to follow and a decently varied/sized map).

    I'm saying all this, but I don't own VR, only consider it every now and then. But the issue I'm describing her is why I never went for it.

    For a short and less eloquent way of expressing myself : I wouldn't buy the VR hardware just to play Tetris.

  2. Need to play Half Life 1 and 2 before I play Half Life VR. I played little bits of HL1. Need to get back into lt. Also with Skyrim VR getting TONS of mods now. Would be fantastic to play. 🙂 And Fallout 4 VR too. 🙂

  3. I like Saints and Sinners. The problem with the footage here is that it has to be concept stuff. When you swing a weapon in the game, it feels really floaty and weightless. There’s noticeable lag between what you’re doing with your hands and what happens in game.

    This leads to not being able to stab a zombie unless you’re swinging your arms really fast and hard. Otherwise, you just bounce right off them.

    It’s a good game, but if the melee didn’t lag behind your actual movement and what you did irl with your controllers matched up 1 to 1 with the game, this game would be so much better. Other games got it right. Beat Saber has it right. If the melee gameplay was as slow and floaty in Beat Saber as it is in TWD, nobody would ever finish a song.

  4. We need a vr with controllers that have haptic feedback, imagine killing that robot with a spear and feeling the metal crunching.

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