Quest 2 Update, Harry Potter in Virtual Reality

Quest 2 Update, Harry Potter in Virtual Reality

Quest two update and Harry Potter in VR. The Quest 2 from Oculus got a new update called V31 update that unlocks augmented reality for the VR headset.


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  1. I've been dying for quest to make a Harry Potter game…I hope somebody does soon… and can somebody please make a Freddy Krueger vr game!? Can you imagine being stuck in Freddy's dream world trying to defeat him!? That would be so awesome!! I hope it happens someday

  2. Really excellent narration. To the point. Descriptive. Good enunciation. Didn't have to increase the speed. I subscribed. Though, to be sure, I didn't destroy the buttons as you wanted. This way, others can subscribe too!

  3. Fantastic news! I hope the black and white screen issue can be fixed in the future. Although, if it could be blend together with full color feature, you could get some neat Sincity typen of applications and games.

    And if the computation power could be get enough high, you could make every people around you look like they are dressed like in the 40s and emphasize the feeling with black and white field of view. Maybe even add some background sounds from that time period to create better immersion.

    Also. Those Gloves are like a gift from gods! Just imagine how wonderful it will be when you can have more physical interaction with your loved ones who you may not be able to see in real life. I hope that in the very near future a full body version(that doesn't require you to sell your kidney) will be available for everybody to purchase.

    I'm definitely gonna get few of them to my family, my girlfriend and for myself.

    As for more casual fun, i hope someone will create a Star Wars game that supports this technology. Just imagine the feeling of crushing someones throa… i mean… Err.. Holding a lightsaber and really feeling how your opponents are sliced into pieces in front of your ey. .. Okay that wasn't any better.

    Ah. I cant wait to see these devices to get better so we can have lots of fun with them!

    Thank you yet again for another awesome video!

  4. I can’t help but being a little bit angry about the 64 to 128 gb change I know it is good but I can’t help it??☹️

  5. I still can't wait for the final stage full Dive, and i love harry potter series i did grow with them. I understand why the high prices but still its sad that a lot of people that don't heave that ammount of money can't enjoy it.

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