The New SG906 BEAST PRO Drone – Budget Drone with a Camera Gimbal – Review

The New SG906 BEAST PRO Drone - Budget Drone with a Camera Gimbal - Review

For the price of this drone you do indeed get plenty. Anyone looking for their first low cost drone should consider this one. The Drone is currently on sale at the …


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  1. I've got one more question for you. I have a SG 906 pro drone and my phone won't show any camera images on my app. The gimble works ok but I just can't get any Images from the camera. Any suggestions?? Thanks. Once again, love your show.

  2. Cant seem to get a fpv signal from sg906 pro drone only shows on hfun apk .Can you help me on how to check to see if fpv there or not working?

  3. Help Please Captain…How to record to SD card, I press the video button on the controller but it only records to my phone and not to the SD card what am I doing wrong, can anyone help Please!

  4. i am loving my 906 pro!
    my first drone, once i feel proficient with it im thinking of getting a cheap starter set up for FPV, i think that looks a lot of fun and its ALL Captain Drones fault! lol.
    captains videos got me really wanting a drone and now FPV so HUGE thankyou sir!!! im really enjoying getting into this hobby.

  5. hi can this be flown without a smartphone to test it ?just got one but need to upgrade my phone to 5g capable one , cheers

  6. Nice drone, I am between this one and the Holy stone hs 720E. Which one you think is better? Or should I spend more and get DJI mini?

  7. Compression used for the photos is terrible … cca 1:9 – 1:11!. Only when is a lot of light, then is better – but any exposure setting is missing – then there are white areas. The camera is a cheap "mobile phone" camera, so it does not have a fixed fps and cannot do real FullHD. With a resolution of 2048×1088 have some hw players big problem.

  8. Hi, thank you for the review. I'm a cameraman and I'm looking for a cheap drone for training before buying a Mavic. Does this drone have settings for smooth stick movement – EXP, sensitivity, gain (yaw), gimbal pitch, etc.? Thank you.

  9. I always liked your videos and I buy it because of you but please please don't put this tomtop companies Linked In Your Name there are bunch of Thieves

  10. hello i have the drone sg906 pro the battery is 7.4 2800 mha

    I will have a problem if I connect the sg906 pro 2 7.6 3400 mha battery


  11. How would you compare this drone to the Holy Stone HS700? I bought an HS120D based on your review of it but I was really unimpressed with the video quality and the drone was a bit buggy…it's going back. The drone is currently $160 at tomtop and the HS700 is running a little under $200 on eBay and the like. I went ahead and ordered the Beast but I'm having some second thoughts about it…I went with the Beast because of the gimbal, the HS700 relies on electronic stabilization to smooth out the video. It seems like the Beast is better on paper in just about every way.

  12. Planning to buy either this or thePro 2. Both looks Nice and smooth.

    As always, Excellent presentation and review.

    Keep it up, Captain Drone.

  13. Great video. Thank you so much for doing it. Gives a good understanding for a noob for me. One question – Isnt this supposed to be a 4K camera on it?

  14. Hi , just got my SG906 and very happy with it . It handles windy days very well. As it happens my mobile phone does not support 5G Wifi so I could not try it with FPV. I am not too concerned wit this for now, but I was under the impression that it can take pics and video just by using the controller. I have an old SD card on which the drone creates folders Video and Photo , but no files are saved. Any idea why this is ? Folders are created so I assumed its compatible . Or is it because Im not connected to a phone ?

  15. First thought during Intro… Is CAPTAIN DRONE Major Arnold Ernst Toht in sunglasses? Hope this Drone's gimbal is better than shown…

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