3 Features the iPhone 13 Didn't Add!

These three phones feature bleeding edge features that the newest iPhone doesn’t touch. The iPhone 13: https://youtu.be/C4sAUc_ZGMY CreativeLive camera …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. No notch, 120hz+. That’s all I need for the perfect iPhone. The cameras STILL blow most other phones out of the water. Night mode is awesome. It’s important to remember that Apple is mostly trying to convince iPhone users to buy the new iPhone, not necessarily Android users. Safe incremental upgrade provide a consistently good experience, which is why people keep buying them.

  2. I still don't get why people want more than 60hz on a little computer that goes into your pocket and is incapable of showing you anything but scrolling animations in more than 70 fps

  3. I think fast charging what keep me away from iphone. I’ve been using XR and Poco X3 NFC from last year, the convenient of last minute charge is unprecedented. And decided to sell my XR, the iPad is different story though i cant find a better tablet.

  4. UnderDisplayFingerprint, Reverse Wireless Charging, USB-C, (RGB), Extra remappable buttons, microSD card slot, under display earpiece <- great hardware fetures

  5. 3:55 more like 85% after 2 years. The battery degrades more with time because the capacity shrinks and you have to use it more and put more charge cycles through it. This Xiaomi charging will murder your battery after 18 months of daily use

  6. and those are the same features I really am not gonna miss!!
    I love the fact that they still are able to do this, it's impressive, but it's just not needed in MY daily use. That's what I don't like about androids, they do everything they can to be inovative even if the tech today is not ready it's seems like they only want to add some stuff to their phones, Apple cares a lot about how will these features work in the long run.

  7. 45 min fast charging is fast enough. Especially if 15- 100 is done in 41 min (1 episode of some tv show ) I think that can be achieved with consistent 25w 🙂

  8. The sensors have got so huge that u can now have 50 megapixels and still get really big individual pixels, the new iphone has a bigger sensor but not nearly as big as android flagships with 1 inch sensors

  9. I’ll always go for an imaging sensors that has very large um photosites over how many pixels are on the sensor due to the fact that it requires less noise removal processing and that there’s more light gathering surface area which provides you with a much higher quality buttery smooth photo As well as better low light sensitivity.

  10. Isn’t the limit of the current implementation of USB C limited to 100W? There is a new standard coming but I’m not aware of products having it yet?

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