iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 13 Pro Max? Anker Nano Pro Charger – https://ankerfast.club/3hvLzlY Latercase iPhone 13 Series …


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  1. They are working with unbox therapy yet wont spend 1100$ here it will cost $1700+ for 13 pro 128 gb yet people buy it here in nepal without hesitation, flexing is real thing here, I want 13 pro but i just dont want to pay all the taxes to our shity government, send me one 13 pro for UT ?

  2. maybe iPhone 13 pro …. because if i'm switch from my old phone to iPhone then .. i will definately swith to upgraded verson but in budget limit.. Your suggestion is quite good

  3. IPHONE 13 is a nice PHONE with just the right crypto investment a PHONE like that could become affordable in a matter of days. Given the present bullish trend of the market.

  4. I'll rather get an normal IPhone 13 just because of the price, and Im not a guy who takes a lots of pictures so that's another reason of it, with a medium amount of storage into it.

  5. I’d pick a 13 Pro with a larger storage for easier video editing. Mostly for my poor laptops sake.
    And then I’d flip it as a business tax write off and move into creating content with that sucker. ?

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